What is Dream Beat?
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This high vibration sacred wellness ritual draws together a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts and nature.

Here are what others are saying about Dream Beat
Your energy (and Katie's) is so special and warm, and you really are doing some amazing work. I very much appreciate the safe space you create, and your intentions to help others grow and flourish. Not only has this event helped my growth, the friendships I have made through it are beyond words and worlds.
-Jessica Travado of Groove

Dream Beat makes me feel connected--connected to the world, connected to others, connected to my body, and connected to my self. When I dance at Dream Beat, I expand and open my heart to the possibilities right in front of me. When we all dance in the space, we let down our guard and open our hearts together. We create a community. Dream Beat has helped me to realize the spiritual connectivity that runs through us all if we just take a moment to let ourselves feel it. Dream Beat gives me the space to experiment with dance and deepen my own practice as an elementary school Movement teacher. All humans of every shape, size and color speak the universal language of body language. It's all connected. 
-Charlotte Cwikowski
"David, Katie and the beautiful Kali were an absolute delight to watch on stage. The purity of their soul reflects in their music. I will never forget how they incorporated the wands we all made together in their performance. Beautiful people. Wishing them the very best." -Niharika Singh
Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative (radical) visionaries, conscious parents and young ones for community healing, divine incantation, song, dance, cultural dreaming, drums and the linking of magic to everyday Life.
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High Priestess Or Nah of Ultracultural Others will be guiding us thru an astral sound bath lullaby cipher calling on the crystalline consciousness of the Gaia Matrix
High Priestess Or Nah of Ultracultural Others 
Undakova cookin up tha shaktiBASS and conscious Affirmations to re affirm your higherSelf and getDown witcha !! embodied Divinity !!
Co-led by MC "Make Change" Undakova 
With rotating featured artists, our DREAM BEAT events open with the directions or a sound meditation followed by circle work, live performance art, ecstatic dance, affirmations & cosmic visuals synergistically coordinated to help you cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion. 
photo credit: Gerald of Welcome Earth
Our events take place close to the NEW  and FULL MOON in light of how these auspicious peaks of the Lunar calendar are the best time to set intentions and through the sacred medicine of music and movement, recognize your body as a medium of the greater Cosmos. Let go of the past and rise up to move and groove in community with presence and peace of mind. Co-led by UNDAKOVA and rotating featured artists, our DREAM BEAT events will allow you to collectively practice high vibration movement such as the 8 Ways TM by UNDAKOVA, a holistic technique designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion. Come together with our Dream Beat tribe to reinvigorate your purpose for many moons to come.
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MUSIC AND MOVEMENT  is the healthiest expression of our human connection to the Cosmos, the Earth and Each Other. Through the subtle euphoria inspired by this immersive, multidisciplinary interfaith event, participants will connect back to our shared cultural origins. As an intentional community free of the false barriers of race, class, gender and sexuality, DREAM BEAT serves as a germinating cell for young leaders, global citizens and inspired change agents for the new paradigm. The art of magic, claims Dion Fortune, is “Changing Consciousness at will.” Dream Beat’s ultimate goal is to restore Art to its rightful place – at the center of the community, in the collective effervescence of the clan.
Our DREAM BEAT Philosophy
Dream Beat occurs around the New & Full Moon each month in New York City. This high vibration sacred wellness ritual draws together a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts and nature. A cosmic, kaleidoscopic vision of healing creativity, celestial sounds and powerful spiritual leadership, Dream Beat works on increasing our community sense of the sanctity of the Mother Earth, through the power of Art, Music, and the raising up of disenfranchised voices. Dream Beat invokes the language of the Goddess expressed by poets, shamans, artists and emcees as pathways between worlds, a sacred space where the names and forms of false consciousness disappear.
What to Expect at DREAM BEAT
You feel at home among your sisters and brothers the moment you walk in the door. Old and new friends smile at you. There is movement and ritual, laughter and communion with the higher self. There is healthy snacks to be shared and inspiring words are exchanged. There are elders, children and conscious adults present of diverse age, ethnicity, spiritual tradition, class and sexual preference. You might 'Set your Intention' for the month ahead as you vibe and play. People bring all kinds of offerings to share on the altar with crystals, fruits, talismans, stones, sacred art, incense and ritual objects coming alive in the space. The music keeps the event flowing and you drop into the beat as if you never left it.
Join the DREAM BEAT Tribe as we mindfully deep dive into the powerful work of Community Healing