"Get recognized for your authenticity and seen as a leader through your creativity and anthology of work"
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November 14th

I’ve been on the low with this for a while. (I know I shouldn’t try to keep secrets from the fam but just hear me out for second)

For the past year, I’ve been building my coaching business – working with clients and traveling the world, while also staying at my day job in NY facilitating Hip Hop Yoga at BEAT GLOBAL.

What is the reasoning behind this?

I wanted to really narrow down how I was helping my clients. I wanted to really see how agents of the divine and children’s lives (and life purposes) could be transformed in their work with me. So I only told a few select people what I was doing.

And I’m really excited to let you know that, two weeks ago, I locked in a steady schedule with BEAT GLOBAL. I am now coaching as well full time from now until the New Year (Yes, the results have been spectacular – and my clients are ready to focus in with me for two months)

So, here’s why I’m writing...

I have opened a few select spaces for new clients.

The *Agents of the Divine* I work with are fastly approaching their 30's (or 40’s) and done giving their power away to menial jobs and others who are not supporting the planet and the equality of all. Most of their time goes to managing the lives of their family and supporting the community. They’re tired of not being financially free. They know there’s SO MUCH MORE for them in their lives. And they are ready to take control of their finances through their creativity and life purpose once and for all.

Here’s a few of the results you can expect when working with me:
* Get recognized for your authenticity and seen as a leader through your creativity and anthology of work

Learn how to utilize holistic Hip Hop Yoga to heal yourself and others

Releasing dependence on menial jobs that distract you from ... traveling more, having control of your life or doing what you love to do

PLUS, a lot of support, accountability, compassion, and (when needed) tough love!

In other words, I help people lose the entire problem of working for the patriarchy. And I help them get their Art Business off the ground. If you know in your heart, you are ready to take your art to a more radical state...

PLEASE email ultraculturalothers@gmail.com to schedule a Clarity Call with UNDAKOVA. This call itself could take you to the next level.

And if you know a friend who has been confiding in you that they are ready to become financially free doing what they love – then you have my full permission to forward this email to them. I’ll bless them with care and do my best to serve them to the fullest.

Much love & respect

David Jason Williams
Urban Mystery Skool

BEAT Boxing and Becoming the Best father I can Be
Performance excerpts 2016-17 including “Fathers Day” freestyle performed on the main stage with DJ SRIKALOGY, Unifier Festival, Tolland MA, videography: Echo; "Ratchet AMMA" freestyle performance in collaboration with Go! Push Pops, Youth Explosion: The New Bohemians art exhibition, Czech Center, New York, NY; Chakra Affirmation led group wellness ritual with DJ UNDAKOVA during DREAM BEAT, Sixth Street Community Center New York, NY; UNDAKOVA freestyle with Adam Matta, Waack Olympics, Red Bull Studios, New York, NY; Beatbox workshop at Beatles Fest NY, Westchester, NY, videography: izl Odego
"#results!!! Led moving hearts at day of joy and it was a huge success! So magical and powerful to be amongst amazing strong women and to offer and share my passion and talent with them! I followed my instincts, was clear in my intentions, and trusted myself. This opened doors for me and gave me more confidence that I am capable of this powerful and important work with moms and their kids! So grateful to the universe and to you David Jason Williams!"
- Rachael Anne -Owner of Moving Hearts
"#‎results‬ had a ‪#‎clearandconnected‬ conversation with sax player who has been wanting to play with me. We are starting a quartet debuting next Friday when I sit in and sing with his current group. We are performing October 8th at Jungle cafe."
- Anna Diorio- Happy Accident
‪#‎results‬ Maria reached out to me yesterday and asked if I can perform a dance at her next groove event at sixth street!!!! I'm so grateful she thought of me as a dancer and will be dancing modern/creative/improv on October 2nd at 7pm!!!
Rachael Singer Owner of Moving Hearts
#breakthroughs & #Results
#Results you can expect when you work with UNDAKOVA:
Increase in Focus. Freedom from distractions that can take you away from your art,  healing practices and divine purpose. 
Clarity toward daily execution of your vision. Develop the lifestyle that you love that supports your health and wellbeing, social life and creativity. 
Increase in confidence and a renewed sense of purposefulness in daily life

Evidence of your business increases up to 90%. Anthology of work fully available. 
Enhanced presence on social media , new marketing materials.
Gain more work and much more balance in life enjoyment
In other words, I help people lose the problem of time management and remove fears about how to move forward. And I help them get their essential self back on track and focused . . with ease.
If you know in your heart, you are ready for results like these… then PLEASE email me at undakova@gmail.com. (Or just add your name in the form above) I will schedule a Crescent Moon Clarity Call with you at no charge. This call itself could change your life as it provides clarity for your business and your life.
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SUWANA testimonial
Read SUWANA's testimonial by scrolling down. 
SUWANA's Facebook Page

I went to the last Yo! Yogi retreat and had such an amazing time 🙌🏼🌴✨ I am still buzzing off of all that good ass prana 😊 Why Nam is an amazing place to reconnect with yourself and Mama Gaia. And Katie and David (Or Nah and UNDAKOVA) provide such an open, loving, and authentic space for healing, inner exploration and transformation. I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they shared with our group and will be implementing so much of what we learned into my daily life. (Mantra/ breathwork/ sacred cyphers/ ecstatic dance etc 😜) I loved the group-centered focus of our workshops. Dialogue flowed between everyone in our circles and never felt like it was one-way. I felt like my gifts and wisdoms were seen, heard and appreciated 💖

Hip hop and yoga are for everyone!! We are allowed to take the time and space we need for ourselves to bring our bodies into balance, get clear on our intentions, and express our beautiful visions to the universe through sound and vibration! We are allowed to PLAY!

I left Yo! Yogi feeling a renewed sense of self confidence, zest for Life and trust in the Great Mystery unfolding before us. 🙏🏼🌏 TOO, I left feeling connected to a new tribe of soul-friends and visionaries who are Changing The World!

Whether you are a hip-hopper, a young grasshopper, a yogi, or anyone else looking to expand their horizons and challenge themselves.. Yo! Yogi has something for U. I hope I can inspire someone to take this leap for themselves.

So much gratitude to the Yo! Yogi tribe and to the beautiful land and people of why nam. 🌺



Rachael Singer
Read Rachael's Singer of Moving Hearts testimonial by scrolling down. 
Rachael Singer's Facebook Page
Moving Hearts
Go to Rachael's website Moving Hearts
Moving Hearts Website
Rachael says "Before I met David (Undakova), I always had a dream of opening my own center for children and families using the arts. I didn’t know how I would achieve it but secretly hoped that in the future it would just fall into place. When I met him through a spiritual community, he shared with me that he has a business in helping creative humans like myself follow their dreams and make them reality. Honestly, I had no clue on what he really meant, but I felt it in kinesthetically, in my gut, that I could trust him. When we started working together, he mentioned a special event for Mothers where I could possibly attend and meet this woman Shane Kulman who hosts this event called Day of Joy for Mothers. Through our work together, not only did I meet Shane, but I ended up leading a workshop for Mothers and gaining a client. In addition, he supported me in gaining clarity in my mission, on my strengths and challenges, on my purpose and vision, and ultimately on who I am.

 We had a secret Facebook group where I was able to document my process and progress and share any fears, hopes, successes, celebrations, and goals. We had Skype calls once a week where we used free style to share how the week went and to receive feedback on ways to improve and achievable goals for the next week. He even helped me create an event to launch my business and share what I am doing with my community. Ultimately I felt heard, supported, and held by someone who kept me accountable for my own business.

Thanks to his spiritual and creative intellect I was able to get my feet wet and grounded to start my own business! One year later, I have a website, a Facebook page, and paying clients where I am following my passion and helping families connect and express themselves using the power of Dance! Thank you David for creating the Full Moon Financially Free and Focused program! I am forever grateful to you."
HIGH PRIESTESS HIP HOP @ Ultracultural Others Mystery Skool
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Blossom into full authenticity via the power of the word. During our 4-week cycle, you'll learn to take care clear and direction actions toward wo-manifesting your highest will and explore new possibilities and creative potentials using vocal work as a wand of manifestation and magic spell into elevated vibes of Source. During weekly freestyle cyphernars, you'll learn to rap it out and flow with your heart expressing vocally the highs and lows of your week, breakthroughs and breakdowns- with S.W.A.A.G and ease. Enter full self mastery and harness the power of verbal affirmation, generating positive energy with Hip Hop, rhyme and S.W.A.A.G (Sustainable Worth Affinity and Goodness) to push beyond all obstacles. Embody the most divine, the most real you. This course inclusdes access to an exclusive selection of UNDAKOVA music suited for your personality and personal growth needs. What best fits your need and budget?
  • 4 Group Voice and Video calls with Hip Hop rhymes and live coaching by Undakova. These Cyphernars will pack the punchlines that are the highlight of your week. 
  • High Priestess  Excercises that help you sharpen your skills to pay the bills. 
  • Weekly Readings from the ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Hip Hop Feminism Archive curated by High Priestess Or_Nah. Be the Hip Hop Scholar you know you can be. 
  • +$piritpreneur Financial Assessment. Powerful one on one meeting with UNDAKOVA manifesting your ideal budget for your highest lifestyle getting paid to do what you love. You never used Excell like this. 
2 month months
    +High Priestess Workbook & Excercises. Narrow your focus so you can excercise your main skill at will. 

  • ++ UNLIMITED ACCESS to private High Priestess Online Daily Motivation and Support Group to keep you on point, and be there to cheer you on for overcoming breakdowns and continuously charting your breakthroughs and successes. 
  • +++ Be the featured Performance at our Shakti-Bass Wellness Ritual DREAM BEAT. We already have the audience waiting for you to show up and knock em alive. 
  • ++++ Complete Roadmap to NYC's Goddess Underground. We share our network to increase your networth. 
Kali MAAA 
    +WEEKLY One -one- One meetings with UNDAKOVA to map out your milestones and project objectives 

  • ++ RECORDING SESSION w UNDAKOVA- You'll receive your own unique mastered Track for your album/project
  • +++ Redefinition & SALES SIREN WORKBOOKS helping you market your materials to your network and boost your buzz. 
  • ++++ Monk Mojo Spiritual Hygiene Action Plan. Get aligned and intouch with our energy to channel your best outcomes.

  • DREAM BEAT wellness ritual and 10 Day immersive  on the Beach in Thailand. Sharing my best and most rare spiritual tools, meditations, worksheets, stellar readings and mindfulness secrets. 
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