Holistic Hip Hop Yoga with a twist. 
Children are conditioned by their experiences and environment early in life, which greatly affects the choices they make later in adulthood.
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Excerpts from performances, cyphers and teaching artist workshops 2015-17:

"Thinking too Much,” performed at MWild Studio, New York, NY, videography: Christopher Erato;

Transcendental drum jam, ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS, Fort Tilden Beach, Queens, NY;

“Inspiration" performed at Rakit Club, Bushwick, NY, videography: BEAT Global;

UNDAKOVA Hip Hop Kid Yoga workshop, Unifier Festival, Tolland, MA, videography: Elisa Garcia

Video Length: 02:35

After a quick survey about your business and the youth you serve we'll send you your very own custom Hip Hop Kid Yoga curriculum designed especially for you.
Our combination of positive and conscious Hip Hop music, mindful breathing, animated poses, and basic yogic principles helps promote coordination and body awareness. Breathing, storytelling and visualization games encourage youth to use their imagination, relax, and practice self-mastery. Through interactive games and playful, animated postures youth learn about nature and their outer environment while exploring the fundamental anatomy of the inner-self.
Are you a conscious parent striving to find the best ways to share with your child the benefits of having a healthy, flexible body and calm, relaxed mind? Share Hip Hop Yoga at your festival, community event, or one-on-one with your child. Select the BEAT BREATHERS Instructor who can best support you and your family’s lifestyle needs and goals. Our mission is to assist children toward a more centered and relaxed body and mind. Awareness of breath and regular physical exercise can lead to a strong, healthy, and flexible body. A consistent yoga practice will inspire your child to make positive choices in daily life.
Just Breathe
What is the best way for your child to utilize his or her energy and release their untapped potential ?
Our Lil Breathers ™ release their energy through holistic hip hop yoga’s dynamic blend of rhyme, storytelling, music and conscious, meditative movement. Our programs teach young ones early on to concentrate and remain present, focus their energy effectively and use their imagination to calm the body and mind as one.
"You have exactly what you need and more right underneath your nose" - UNDAKOVA
...and below your head down into your heart and body. The secret is to become brave, patient and humble enough to give your attention directly to the source which is you. Fully awaken to the treasures, knowledge and vitality within you at this moment. that you already have. Remove all the fears and surrender to acceptance. Remove delusions about time/money with patience and persistence. Remove distractions taking you further away from the YOUniverse which you are with humility. Tap into the glorious simplicity of the breath. to focus on. Clear your mind and let your conscious be free. Allow your highest good to come to you with ease.